Amy Argent

Whatever Tomorrow Brings

Whatever Tomorrow Brings Cover Reveal

Look! It’s the Whatever Tomorrow Brings cover! I am positively IN LOVE with what the fabulous Jada D’Lee has created–do you see the sun shining through their hands? There were quite a few versions made of this one, but we kept working until we were both satisfied and the final is just perfect! Thanks, Jada! The full wrap of the cover is below.

Whatever Tomorrow Brings Summary Reveal!

We’ve spent so much time talking about Come Back Tomorrow, but that’s not the end of the story for Will and Tori. It’s time to start looking ahead to What Tomorrow Brings! On August 3, 2021, ARCs will be available for WTB (in case you finish CBT and don’t want to wait until October) and I’ll also reveal the cover that day. But for today, here’s the summary for Whatever Tomorrow Brings!