Amy Argent

Whatever Tomorrow Brings

Embrace Tomorrow Duet Book 2


Will Everson is a gifted artist whose life has been shattered by a devastating illness. Will thought he had nothing to live for, then Tori Somerset came along and transformed his world with her vibrance. Tori made it her mission to help Will die at peace, but the two fell in love, and in the midst of a brush with death, Will chose life instead.

Conquering his cancer will be the fight of Will’s life, and he’ll have to depend on Tori every step of the way. Tori and Will decide they can face this together—a choice that will test the strength of their fledgling relationship.  But the decision to fight doesn’t come with a guarantee of victory. The road to health and happiness often involves taking one, slow, painful step at a time.  And sometimes that journey leads to even deeper truths.

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Praise for Whatever Tomorrow Brings:

“This story is extremely well written and the characters are well developed and have so much depth to them. The subject matter is sensitive yet the author handles the details with grace and calmness.” – Reading in the Red Room Blog

“The Embrace Tomorrow Duet was a fantastic offering from a new author.” – Sunny Shelly Reads Blog

“With each turn of the page readers will become even more immersed in this couple’s outcome and applauding Ms. Argent on her storyline full of heart and soul!” – Jody, Goodreads Reviewer

“This emotionally charged romance takes you on a heartfelt journey between two people fighting for their reason to live.” – The Nerdy Bookworm Blog

“I would suggest to everyone to read this book–the edge of the seat drama, the selfless love . . . so worth it!!! – Dirty Books and Messy Hair Book Blog

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Want a sample of Whatever Tomorrow Brings? Here's the prologue:

“Will you stay? At least for a few minutes? You’re the first visitor I’ve had.”

Intense green eyes, so warm and yet distant. So alone and vulnerable, yet so resilient and strong.

“Can I come back tomorrow?”

So many days spent with him, gaining his trust by giving him my own. Telling him my stories. Holding his hand through pain and fear. Falling in love with him a day at a time. A smile at a time.

“I’m scared, Tori. Jesus, I’m fucking terrified. This is really going to happen, and I don’t have any control.  I don’t know how to deal with this. I feel like I’m falling apart, and there’s nothing left to hold on to.”

“Hold on to me, sweetheart.”

Depression and then resolve. To make peace with the demons from a past full of heartache.

“It’s okay, Mom. I’m all right. I’m so glad you could come.”

Hope and then disaster.

“Do you have pneumonia?”

“Bacterial . . . I forget . . . the exact name. Evans asked me . . . if I want them . . . to give me drugs . . . to make me comfortable.

“I told him yes. Too much pain. I couldn’t . . . no more.”

And then . . . oh God, and then . . .

“Tori . . . I love you. There was nothing for me . . . but now . . . there’s so much I want to do . . . so much I want to give to you.”

“Tori, I want you to go . . . and I don’t want you . . . to come back tomorrow.”

And I left.

“Code blue, code blue, room four-twelve. Code blue, code blue, room four-twelve.”

And he nearly left this world before I could get back to him. Before he could see the truth of what was between us.

“They’re helping him, Tori! Will lifted his DNR. He’s letting them help him to breathe.”

And now he’s fighting for his life against pneumonia. But that’s just a consequence of the bigger monster—the cancer that has destroyed his immune system and continues to ruthlessly try to take his life.

“Jenny, is there any hope for him? If he recovers from the pneumonia, does he have any options at all for treatment?”

“Yes, he has options, Tori. He’s had options all along, and one in particular that could even be a cure.

He can have another round of chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant. The regular chemo alone obviously isn’t working for him since the cancer came back twice, but the combination of high-dose chemo with a stem cell transplant has a half-decent rate of success.”

He didn’t tell me he had options. I was too afraid of his reaction to tell him I loved him. We’re quite the pair, aren’t we? But now he knows I love him, and now I know the decision he’d been struggling with since he came down with pneumonia. Hell, probably since long before that.

“I think that’s why he lifted his DNR. He loves you, and he’s decided to fight—maybe even to go into treatment again. Because he wants to be with you.”

“Tori, you need to be there for him and help him fight this. When he recovers from the pneumonia, I’m sure you can talk it out. But he needs you right now. If you’re feeling angry—or betrayed—remember that he loves you, and in the end, he chose you.”

He chose me.

Will chose me, and he’s fighting for me. He’s fighting for us. And I’m going to help him fight with everything I have.